At Boupen, we have taken the steps to provide renewable energy services in order to reduce our carbon footprint, contribute towards a cleaner future and provide our clients with a diverse range of options - not limited to electric energy. We specialise in residential and commercial installations.Since 2008, the division has been dedicated to finding, creating and implementing alternative energy sources to replace or limit the use of fossil fuels such as: coal, oil and natural gas - which through time and excessive usage, will eventually become depleted.

Renewable Energy vs Fossil Fuels

With the advancement of technology many government officials and leaders in the private sector have realised the harm that is inflicted by the continuous use of fossil fuels, which is linked to global warming, water, air pollution and many associated health risks.

Having acknowledged these crippling effects, we established our Renewable Energy Division to provide our clients with the option of choosing clean energy and contribute towards creating a future that respects the natural environment.
We provide alternative energy through:
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar hot water
  • Solar PV systems
  • Solar pool heating

Heat Pumps

Our heat pumps are approximately three to four times more efficient than electric geysers, and this saves our clients significant amounts of money in the long-term. It functions as a replacement to electric geysers and utilises technology similar to that of air-conditioners by collecting heat from the air in its surroundings, this heat is then compressed further, resulting in it getting even hotter.

Solar Hot Water

Boupen harnesses the energy from South Africa’s abundant radiation levels to provide solar water heating systems which are efficient, durable and ideally suited to the local climate. The energy capability of our system saves up to 80 percent each month on household electricity bills - a large sum considering that approximately 50 percent of the bill is used for traditional (electric) water heating. Our technology converts sunlight into renewable energy for water heating, resulting in enormous reductions in electricity costs and reduced dependence on electric energy.

Solar PV Systems

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight directly into electricity by processing photons (light) into voltage (electricity). Our solar PV systems provide our clients with the freedom to take control of their electricity supply and costs.

We supply various types of systems that either allow total independence from the electrical system (Off Grid), reduced electric costs but still remaining connected (Grid-Tie) or back-up batteries for solar power systems (Hybrid) - handy during power-cuts. The solar PV options we offer are conveniently suited to our clients’ unique commercial or residential needs.

Our Renewable Energy Division comprises of the best technical minds to respond to ever-changing environmental challenges. Our sustainable services will not only assist our clients in receiving alternative energy resources, but in addition eases demand and provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, which are limited in supply and damaging to the environment.