Established in 2008, Boupen Plumbing was born out of our need to grow and diversify the company in order to take on more roles and offer our clients a selection of services.

Upon realising the need for plumbers in Johannesburg, we decided that this division would be imperative to clients who required experienced, skilled, professional and readily available plumbing technicians.
Services offered by the division include:
  • Contract and maintenance plumbing
  • Geysers and hot water systems
  • Civil services


We believe that the relationship with our clients is of utmost importance and our plumbing division upholds this by:
  • Maintaining a high level of integrity and honesty to ensure long-term respect and trust with clients
  • Staying committed to time and resources to achieve effective results
  • Striving for excellent customer service to ensure the highest quality products and services


We provide plumbing services on a contractual and/or call-out basis, which includes (but not limited to) upgrades and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

Expert Plumbers

We have qualified and trained plumbing technicians, who have the experience and skills to install, repair and maintain water supply systems, geysers, and drainage systems.

It takes a high level of professionalism to work as a plumber as it not only requires technical abilities but an aptitude to handle and adapt to a variety of tasks that are often challenging. At Boupen Plumbing, the technical abilities of our plumbers are supported by their knack to stay calm and clear-headed in any situation and apply problem-solving skills suited to specific tasks.

As with many situations, emergencies arise and plumbing is no different. Our plumbers are on-call for predicaments such as burst pipes and blocked drains. Such inconveniences can happen at any time of day, therefore Boupen Plumbing have taken it in our clients’ interest to have a team of plumbers available at any time, including evenings and weekends.

Geysers and Hot Water Systems

Adding to the diversity of services, we supply, install, test and maintain geysers and hot water systems for residential and commercial use. Our range is trusted, economically feasible and engineered to the highest quality. Installations and maintenance is done by electrically and mechanically trained professionals, who will ensure that our clients receive the finest service suited to their needs.